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Equine wellness plan

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Keeping your horse healthy, happy, and performing its best is what we strive for at Alliance Equine Health Care. The foundation of this goal is preventative healthcare, and we are making it easier and more economical for you to ensure your horse receives the highest quality preventative healthcare services it needs, when it needs them.

Enroll your horse in our annual Equine Wellness Plan and we will contact you throughout the year to schedule your horse’s wellness exams, vaccines, dental care, and parasite control. When you buy these services bundled as a part of our Wellness Plan, you will receive a discount of over 20% off of our regular prices. Plus, you will receive additional discounts on farm call fees, add-on preventative healthcare services, and emergency fees!

Our Wellness Plan includes all of the preventative healthcare services that we consider crucial for ALL HORSES in southeastern Pennsylvania! Plus:

  • 10% discount on ALL farm call fees

  • 15% discount on any additional “add-on” preventative healthcare services

  • 20% discount on emergency fees

  • Enroll three or more horses and get an additional $25 off the Wellness Plan for each additional horse

  • Wellness Plan procedures can be completed in 2-3 appointments or at your discretion

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