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Alliance Equine Health Care originated from our predecessor practice Brandywine Equine Veterinary Associates, which was founded in 2006. As our name indicates, we are exclusively an equine practice. All of Alliance Equine’s personnel own horses themselves or have worked alongside them for most of their lives. We understand the special relationship that horse owners have with their animals, as well as the specific needs of equine athletes. We are committed to providing the same compassionate and quality care to all of our patients as we would give to our own animals, and treating our clients as we would hope to be treated if we were in their place.

We strongly believe in providing veterinary care to our patients where they are the most comfortable- at their home farm. We know that this practice significantly reduces the stress involved in veterinary procedures, reduces complications, and improves treatment outcomes. Our ambulatory vehicles are outfitted to handle the wide variety of veterinary conditions that we can diagnose and treat at the farm.

Our company philosophy goes beyond our standard of excellent, caring, and reliable service that we provide for our customers. Our company and individual staff members are also actively involved in promoting the overall well-being of horses and other large animals, and our community. These efforts are carried out through sponsorship of welfare-oriented groups and individuals, and through our educational outreach programs.


About Us


Preventative & Wellness Care


We offer a complete line-up of preventative services including annual or semi-annual wellness exams, seasonal vaccinations, strategic deworming programs including fecal parasite testing, and nutritional consults.

Routine Dentistry


Our veterinarians have advanced training and years of experience performing thorough equine dental examinations and care. We are experienced in performing dental procedures including extractions and have the equipment necessary to obtain high quality dental radiographs.

Sports Medicine and Lameness


We offer methodical lameness and performance evaluations utilizing digital radiography, musculoskeletal ultrasound, and upper airway endoscopy to diagnose the cause and figure out how to get your athlete back to full potential. 

Pre-Purchase Exams


Our basic pre-purchase examination is a comprehensive physical examination which includes gait assessment for lameness and flexion tests, and we communicate closely with buyers to determine if additional diagnostics such as digital radiographs, endoscopy, or bloodwork might be recommended in their individual situation.

Internal Medicine


We have years of experience in diagnosing and treating  complicated internal medical conditions.

Emergency Services


We understand that an emergency can happen at any moment. Our vets are available 24/7, including weekends and holidays. Our dependable, around the clock emergency services are available to established clients only.

Our Services


Maria Wright, DVM
Melissa Murphy
Natalie Marks
Jennifer Monroe
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Desiree Stoltzfus
Our Team


I love your practice! Honestly, I think you guys go over and above for your patients. Your strengths are your responsiveness, honesty, knowledge of your individual clients, fairness and willingness to work with your clients financially and of course, your professionalism and knowledge!

Retta J.

I love it! Responsiveness, appt scheduling, attitude and help from your support staff and most of all, your skill and obvious caring for the patients is truly excellent.I also really appreciate you hearing my side of things even if you think Im  wrong and appreciate you always allowing me to learn and be part of my animals care
I think your easy warmth and connection with my 3 girls plus the extreme thoroughness of your exams and follow ups gave me great faith in you very quickly. I do not see any weaknesses in the practice!!

Riannon W.

I am appreciative that I can always get a timely appointment. The care provided is top notch. The pricing is competitive. I like that you keep track of when horses are due for vaccines and dentals etc.

Colleen B.

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Our Address

570 Fairview Rd

P.O. Box 625

Glenmoore, PA 19343 

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Regular Hours

Monday – Friday  8 AM - 4 PM


Emergency Services

Available for established clients

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